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Actor Rob Schneider accepts tourism contribution award (2014/02/11)

Actor Rob Schneider accepts tourism contribution award (2014/02/11)

On his sixth visit to Taiwan, Hollywood actor Rob Schneider accepted an award for his contributions to local tourism. Schneider expressed his love for the people of the island and the many things there are to do here.

Actor Rob Schneider again showed the warmth that makes him beloved by fans. He was here to accept a special award.

The award was given to Schneider as part of a tourism festival activity. Schneider had this to say about Taiwan:

Rob Schneider
Hollywood Actor
I love the people here. The people have a great sense of humor. They love their country. They have great food; the most amazing food in the world is here. I like the culture, and they’ve been very warm to me. And I like to go around. It’s 24 hours – you go to the night markets and I enjoy it. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a movie here and show people all over the world. We’re going to figure out…it’s got to be a comedy, but maybe fun and an adventure. And I have a TV show where we talk about Taiwan in my new TV show.

Last year Taiwan surpassed 8 million tourist arrivals for the first time. The Tourism Bureau hopes 2014 can be another record-setting year.


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