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New Taipei City hopes to for big tourism boost from Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

New Taipei City hopes to for big tourism boost from Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Three separate events will take place in Pingxi, New Taipei City this year to celebrate Lantern Festival. The popular festival is expected to attract up to a million visits this year.

An endless number of sky lanterns slowly lift off into the air as part of New Taipei City’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival. Last year, the world's largest travel guide publisher, Fodor's, selected the event as one of the 15 international festivals to see before one dies, bringing more overseas attention.

Chen Kuao-jun
New Taipei Tourism Bureau
I think we’ve always used sky lanterns as an activity that can represent Taiwan. Our most important goal this year is to make the event more international.

This year’s Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival includes three distinct activities. The first takes place on Feb. 3 and will feature a sky lantern in the shape of a traditional gold ingot or “yuanbao” along with a likeness of the God of Wealth.

On Feb. 8, a 12-foot sky lantern will be released bearing special wishes submitted via the internet.

Lee Shu-chuan
New Taipei Deputy Mayor
Last year, three different events associated with Lantern Festival attracted nearly 800,000 visits. I believe we can surpass 1 million this year. Previously these events brought in about NT$560 million in business opportunities, and this year we should be able to break NT$1 billion.

The third event will be Feb. 14, the actual date of Lantern Festival. Organizers plan to release upwards of 1,700 sky lanterns into the air.


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