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College of Tourism
Uniform Day on Tuesday

Uniform Day, Tuesday, College of Tourism

一、  宗旨

1. 觀光學院學生自98學年度第一學期起,每周皆須有一日穿著制服到校,以塑造本院專業形象。本學年度之制服日為每週二,制服日活動自公告開始後實施,至明年4/30結束。
The activity of Uniform Day will start on October 1, 2012, until April 30, 2013.  Each student in the College of Tourism requires wearing uniform to attend the class on Tuesday.
2. 舉凡本院所開設之所有課程,制服日皆須穿著制服上課。
3.未依規定著制服上課,將予記錄並需提供勞動服務,且系、院辦可拒絕服務。(部份學生尚未拿到制服者,請著襯衫及長褲(裙裝)或正式服裝上課。)  Students without wearing uniform in the class will be recorded as unattended, and the department’s office can reject to provide the services.  Some students who have not received the uniform also require wearing formal outfit in the class.

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