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Department of Hospitality Management

The Department, established in 1999, is the first hospitality-related department in university to offer bachelor degree in Taiwan. In response to the growing demand of the managerial manpower of the hospitality industry, we focus our education with the aim of cultivating the students with expertise skills and good service discipline. The Department is the oldest education unit in the College of Tourism and plays a leading role in enhancing the development of the newly established College.

The Department owns an intern hotel, a culinary laboratory, intern restaurant and a function room for dining & room service training. Our hotel is the biggest intern hotel in the country, comprising 48 rooms. The culinary laboratory, installed in 2006 is consisted of a cooking classroom, a bakery, and a kitchen with capacity to allow 8 groups of students to do their practice. The intern restaurant is opened in October, 2007. With such training facilities, the students can receive good skill training in school.

 The Department offers multi-discipline courses in hotel and restaurant management. The dedicated faculty combines theory and practice to teach the students for cultivating them to be well prepared professionally for the industry. Moreover, in order to strengthen the student’s expertise and built up the link with the industry, a 500 hours work practice in the hotels or restaurants is a requirement for graduation. This system provides students with access to contact the industry and obtain possible career opportunities.


Department of Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and leisure industry is one of the fast growing industrial sectors in Taiwan since the end of last century. The skill manpower of the leisure industry is therefore becoming highly demanding. In accordance to this demand, the College of Architecture and Planning established the Department of Leisure and Recreation Management (DLRM) in 2003. It aims for educating the students with skills and knowledge in the development of recreational facilities and the management of leisure industry, in physical planning and development of the outdoor recreational facilities. DLRM is merged into the College of Tourism for better collaboration of education program with the Department of Hospitality Management and the Tourism and MICE Program in summer of 2007.  DLRM changed its department's name to Department of Tourism and Leisure in 2018.

The Department offers professional courses in two areas: one is for building up the skills in planning and development of the recreational facilities; the other is for educating the managerial knowledge of leisure industry. The students can select the area of study and develop their own expertise according to their interest in this industrial career. Our education combines theory and practice together, in addition to normal classroom teaching, field trips and visits are widely used to enforce the teaching effort.


Department of Tourism and MICE

In response to the government policy to strengthen the promotion of MICE industry that includes the activities of Meeting & Convention, Incentive Travel, Exhibition & Event. Chung Hua University set up the first 4-year Department  of Tourism and MICE Management in the country in 2007. The study period of the program is 4 years long which is same as the usual departments. The students get bachelor degree after they complete the study with minimum credits of 132. 

The courses cover two professional fields, tourism management and MICE industry. Tourism management focuses on tourism development, management of travel industry, tourism marketing, and tourism services. On the other hand, the MICE courses are aiming to train the professional convention organizers (PCO) and professional exhibition organizers (PEO), which are the drivers of the MICE industry.

Chung Hua University owns a convention center with a conference hall (300 seating capacity), 4 meeting rooms and an exhibition room which are suitable for course practice. The college of Tourism set up an intern travel agency in Summer, 2007, the students can also do the operational practice of travel agency with that. We believe that the Program will definitely play an important role in providing the professional manpower for MICE industry in the near future.