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College of Tourism

General Introduction of the College

    In line with the government policy of accelerating the development of tourism industry, Chung Hua University established the College of Tourism in 2007 aiming for cultivating well-disciplined managerial manpower to meet the requirement of tourism industry. The 6th College in the Unversity is consisted of Department of Hospitality Mangement(DHM), Department of Tourism and Leisuret(DTL), and Departmen of Tourism and MICE(DTM). Although the College is young, but the DHM and DLRM were originally established in 1999 and 2004 respectively in other Colleges, they were merged to this College to strengthen the integration the professional education in tourism. The DTM is the first bachelor-degree program of MICE management in the country to offer a 4-year course for cultivating MICE(meeting, incentive travel, convention and exhibition) professionals.     

     Our College adopts a so-called “2-year groundwork, 2-year building up” education system with a well planned curricula. In cooperate to such system, the students are recruited by the College and will be given 2- year fundamental courses of related to business management and tourism. Thereafter, they will be arranged to the Departments/ Program according to their interests and their first two year performance in studying for further study in different professional areas.

      More than 600 students are enrolled in the College and there are currently 14 academic staff and a number of part time lectures to provide theoretical and practical business education in the College. We plan to increase full time teachers to 20 in the near future.

      Our College owns rather complete teaching and practice establishments, including: an intern hotel(48 rooms), an intern restaurant, an intern travel agency, a culinary lab , a big function room for dining& room service training, etc. While the conference center and the exhibition room in our University provide the opportunity for our MICE students to practice their skill in organizing and operating the meeting and exhibition activities.

     Most of the professional courses combine classroom teaching and on-site learning, so field trip to visit the industrial establishments is frequently held. Besides the classroom courses, the students have to do 500 hours practice in the industry for getting qualification of graduation.

     The College also offers a course named “Chair Professor’s Distinguished Lecture” for the junior and senior students, in which distinguish individuals or industry professionals are invited to share their personal success, experience and professional knowledge to help the students gain a deeper understanding of the industry as well as make an appropriate decision in their career planning.